Turner Security Packages

Do you have a home security system?  Want to upgrade or update your system?  If you do, check out our packages below.  If you are not sure, ask yourself a few questions:  Is your home eight or less years old?  Was you home built by national builder ..etc? 


If so, you may have everything you need to get started.  Still not sure, give our experienced sales desk a call at 512-835-SAFE (7233).  We will offer a security package that best suits your needs.




  • DSC PC1616 Control Panel
  • DSC Fixed-Message LCD Keypad w/ Integrated Wireless Receiver - RFK5501
  • DSC Wireless Pet Immune Passive Infrared Detector
  • 2) DSC Wireless Door/Window Contacts
  • DSC Wireless Key Remote
  • 12V 4Ah Backup Battery
  • 15 Watt Dual Tone Siren  
  • DSC Power Supply
  • RJ31X Jack & Cord
  • Integrated low temperature detector

VIPER options:


Door Contacts (WLS4945 | WLS4975-433) $46

Glass Break (WLS912L-433) $90.67

Motion Detectors (WLS904PL-433/WLS914-433) $90.67 Wireless Key FOB (WLS919-433) $50.67    

Photoelectric Smoke Detector (WLS906-433) $90.67

Optional systems, cell transmitter, cloud solution, keypads, camera systems, installation options & payment discounts:



VIPER-K16120 $265               [INSTALLED]

  • DSC PC1616 Control Panel

  • DSC Fixed-Message LCD Keypad with an

  • Integrated Wireless Receiver - RFK5501

  • BV-300DP - Pet Immune PIR Motion Detector

  • SD-15 - 15 Watt Dual Tone Siren

  • Power Supply

  • 12V 4AH Backup Battery

  • RJ31X Jack

  • Installation & User Manuals

VIPER-K9047 LCD Wireless $324          [INSTALLED]

  • Smallest footprint of any self-contained wireless alarm system available
  • Esthetically pleasing design
  • Secures up to 32 wireless security zones and accommodates up to 16 wireless keys
  • Fully programmable labels for viewing on the LCD display (ex. Media Room); maximum of 32 characters
  • Enlarged keypad buttons
  • 5 programmable function keys (Stay Arm, Away Arm, Chime, Bypass and Quick Exit)
  • Easy access emergency keys (Fire, Auxiliary or Medical, and Panic)
  • Program up to 17 individual access codes
  • Easy-to-view status lights
  • Numerous false alarm reduction features
  • DSC Wireless Pet Immune Passive Infrared Detector
  • 2) DSC Wireless Door/Window Contacts
  • Compatible with all DSC wireless devices such as motion detectors, door/window contacts, smoke detectors and wireless keys

GSM3060 or UPLINK Cellular Transmitter 2500  $200 

*add $9.00 to standard monitoring package

GS3060     UpLink 2500                      

ADP 1310NA Transformer  $36.67 

13.8VDC 1AMP for GS3060

Cloud Service:

Enjoy remote access to your security system using one of these cloud technologies or combine it with a LAN Line or Cell device to extend communication resilience.  Using Cloud Service provides greater information and visiblity into your system with virtual keypad, email and event log alerts. 

If you choose our vREMOTE there is an added benefit with an Apple APP Store free program.  Download app below. *add $5.00 to standard monitoring package   

[Ethernet connection]
*Homeowners can arm/disarm security system and view zone status through a webpage on their home computer
*Fully Supervised Module
*UL Certified

vREMOTE [Ethernet/WL connection]
Notifications to the End User (text msg.,email, and/or automated phone call)
*Remote Arming/Disarming thru Virtual Keypad located on SmartPhone or Desktop
*Fully Supervised Module
*UL Certified
  Download from


vREMOTE $200

Available Keypads:

To meet the demands of any application, a variety of keypads are available for the PowerSeries panels, everything from simple LED keypads to programmable LCD keypads with integrated wireless receivers. And with standard features like 5 one-touch function keys, they are all easy to use.

PK5500Z   $113
Programmable Message LCD Keypad

  • Large, backlit, two-line, 32-character display
  • Plain language display of zone status, system status, trouble conditions, event buffer, system instructions, date and time
  • Auto-scroll open and alarm zones
  • Zone input
  • 5 programmable function keys
  • Multiple languages:
    - English, French, Spanish

$48, $55, $62

8/16/32 Zone LED Keypad

  • LED status lights for zones, status functions
  • 5 programmable function keys
  • Zone input

RFK5501-433   $88
Fixed-Message LCD Keypad with Integrated Wireless Receiver

  • Includes all features of the LCD5501Z keypad and PC5132-433 wireless receiver plus:
  • -Integrated low temperature detector
  • -Dedicated PGM output
  • -Built-in configurable input/output terminal

LCD-PK5501Z   $60

Fixed-Message LCD Keypad

  • Large, fixed-message LCD:
    -Auto-scroll open and alarm zones
  • 5 programmable function keys
  • Built-in configurable input/output terminal
  • Clock Display
  • Programmable door chime:
    -4 options, programmable by zone
  • Multiple languages: English, French, Spanish and ICON

CCHD Camera solutions:                                                                        

NUUO and PIVOT3 video solution provider. 
"Analytics, sound clarity, crisp HD video, offsite storage with text alerts... Turner Security provides a true proactive solution you can trust. ", John Blocker Aero Energy.

Parts Kit:
Window connectors, magnets, wire ties,
phone term, etc.. $35
Payment options:  'LAN LINE'              
Regular (PSTN) annualized Security Monitoring
DISCOUNTS:  1yr; 2yr; 3yr; 4yr      *refunds prorated at $14.95




Hourly charge $65
                              Cloud Monitoring:                       
                              IP security monitoring:
/Mo Quarterly payments

$19.95/mo Qtr
New Battery:
12 Volt 4AH $18.78
IP security monitoring DISCOUNTS:
1yr; 2yr; 3yr; 4yr




                                      Cell Monitoring: 
$23.95/mo Qtr
                                      Cell security monitoring DISCOUNTS:
1yr; 2yr; 3yr; 4yr

$23.95/mo Qtr


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